The DePaul Game Jam will accommodate up to 40 participants. Participants will include DePaul students as well as students from other universities. Deadline for registration is January 15 and all participants must pay the $40 signup fee. Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. DePaul students with appropriate identification can request a waiver of the registration fee. Please contact José Zagal about this. There will be no registrations accepted "at the door".

Update: Registrations are still open! However, there are very few open slots left so make sure you register as soon as possible. We will have a wait-list, so you should express your interest anyways just in case! The wait list moved 3-4 spots last year.

Payment Options

There are two options to pay the $40 sign up fee: personal cheque or credit card.

1. Personal Check

Send a personal check in the amount of $40 to "DePaul University". Mail the check to the following address:

Amaris C. Casiano-Zoko
DePaul University/CDM
243 S. Wabash, Suite 401
Chicago, IL. 60604

Important! Don't forget to include your first and last name as well as e-mail address so we can contact you if there are any problems!

2. Credit Card

Fill out the following form (doc format) and fax it to Amaris Casiano-Zoko at 312-362-5185.